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It's not too late for Asia to avert disaster
Dear Robert --
This has been a summer we will all remember. The coronavirus has tormented "red zones" around the world and kept us awake at night even if we live in "green zones".
Geopolitical tensions have been rising in lockstep with the global barometer. Many of you shared very positive feedback on my recent essay in Noema on how to achieve a stable Eurasian equilibrium in which all roads do not lead to China.
I recently had the opportunity to speak at length about Sino-Asian dynamics with David Barboza, founding editor of The Wire China. We discussed the dangerous China-centric bias is analysis of Asia, and the importance of understanding how weaker powers practice a shrewd "multi-alignment" (the term I coined in The Second World) to avoid taking sides in the emerging multipolar rivalry. I hope you enjoy reading the interview and look forward to your comments
What will it take for Asian powers to find lasting stability? In the forthcoming issue of
The National Interest, I argue that Asians need an approach to conflict resolution suited to their history, culture, and preferences. I call this "technocratic peace theory" and explain how this diplomatic strategy can be applied to Asia's major outstanding territorial and maritime disputes. I certainly hope that leaders and negotiators across the region will embrace this framework rather than merely hoping that restraint will prevail. 
In other news, I have been hard at work revising the manuscript for my forthcoming book titled MOVE which I share just a tiny teaser about on my new website
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Wishing you all health and safety,
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